Alternate realities: my growing obsession

After recently discovering The Man In the High Castle on one of the streaming channels, I’ve become incessantly haunted by the tale, and if you’ve ever watched the footage of Philip K. Dick proclaiming that he based the story in reality (or one of them), you probably understand in part why I can’t get this show out of my head.

I say in part because there are a lot of other reasons as well for my interest in the show. One is that I’ve been working on a novel involving alternate realities and parallel universes, so that’s where my thoughts have been dwelling for quite some time now, anyway.

Another reason is my concern for the future of the planet and the people living on it. The politicians of the world are capable of nothing more than lining their pockets and rearranging the deck chairs while the Titanic sinks (pick your crisis). And while they fumble and bumble around, someone (or someones) is waiting in the shadows to step in and remake the world in their own twisted image.

Dystopias have existed before and it’s a myopic individual who can’t imagine things ever getting that bad again. In some places in the world, they are that bad right now. Margaret Atwood said that she never wrote about anything in The Handmaid’s Tale that hadn’t actually already occurred or wasn’t currently taking place somewhere in the world.

So my work-in-progress revolves around both alternate realities and dystopian societies. Like I said, it’s pretty much what lives in my head at the moment. Hope you like it when it’s done.

More on all this later. Stay tuned.

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