Dreaming At the Top of My Lungs: A Horror Collection

Praise for Dreaming at the Top of My Lungs

“One of the most diverse collections of horror short stories I’ve ever read.”

“This collection is truly masterful.”
-Ross Jeffery, author of Juniper

“Exceptional collection. Superb.”
-Kevin Whitten (Well Read Beard)

“Consider the bar raised.”
-Josh Edwards (Working Man Reads)

“It’s easily my favorite collection released in the past decade.”
-Lydian Faust, author of Forest Underground

“A fantastic and original collection of commercial horrors.”
-Eddie Generous, Unnerving Magazine

“Wonderfully written, beautifully edited, each and every story presented here is a polished gem of weird and dark fiction.”
-Evans Light, Corpus Press

“My hope from this fantastic collection of truly dark thoughts is that more people check out his work.”
-Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

Dreaming at the Top of My Lungs by Israel Finn is a powerful collection of horror, grit-lit, sci-fi, and heart.”
-Brian James Lewis, Damaged Skull Writer and Reviewer

Dreaming at the Top of My Lungs by Israel Finn is a phenomenal collection of short horror stories which can amuse, frighten, and push into deep thought like very few others.”
-Quick Book Reviews

“What a superb collection of stories this turned out to be…I can’t wait for what Israel Finn comes up with next.”
-Morgan K. Turner, Writer of Horror

Within these pages…

A man afraid of losing his son ends up losing his mind instead. And then finds himself trapped in a waking nightmare of his own making.

A frustrated man curses life for passing him by but discovers how it feels to be truly forsaken when the universe chooses to teach him a horrifying lesson.

An outcast must decide between vengeance and forgiveness in a world turned upside down by war and famine.

A woman is put on trial in a world where telling the truth is a crime.

A boy lives in constant terror of someone who is supposed to love and protect him but who has betrayed that trust. A horror story that reminds us of the real-life monsters walking among us every day.

And eight other dark tales…