My first batch of books from IngramSpark

My first batch of books from IngramSparkI just received my first batch of books from IngramSpark. I’d say the quality is a little better than Amazon’s.

There’s a bit of a learning curve setting up an account with them, and I’m not crazy about their revision fees, but overall, I’d say the results are well worth the efforts if you’re trying to get a book out there.

It’s a unique channel that gives you that much more of an edge.

The reason is that IngramSpark is the standard for most indie bookstores when it comes to self-published books. As far as I know, they only distribute to bookstores and libraries, not to individuals.

So since ‘Dreaming’ has sold a number of times through their distribution channels, a few titles have evidently gone to some bookstores and/or libraries.

Which is nice.

You can get the book here.

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